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Caravan Storage Checklist

Caravan Storage Checklist
Caravan Storage Checklist

Keep your family caravan in the best condition, ready for your next adventure with our caravan storage checklist.

We encourage our customers to take measures to ensure your van is properly secured, just as you would at a holiday park.

Caravan Storage Checklist

1. Check your tyres before you leave your caravan, and when you pick it up. Tyres will naturally deflate when left in storage

2. Cover your coupling.

3. Cheap waterproof covers will ensure your connection points stay in good condition

4. Caravan Battery - Before you disconnect your battery, ensure it is fully charged. A battery will drain power when not in use, however, this will help increase its lifespan

5. Remove food. Be sure to remember to remove all food out of your caravan, including non-perishables. Unless the food is unopened in an air-tight container they will attract rodents into your caravan

6. A Cover for your van. A caravan cover will help protect it from sun damage.

7. Close your blinds. This will help prevent fading of interiors

8. Lubricate Jacks, hitches, hinges and chains. Empty water tanks. Let the water completely air out by leaving the cap off

9. Turn off gas bottles

10. Turn off your fridge and open the door to let it ventilate and prevent mould

11. Check all the windows and doors are locked

12. Put a lock on your tow ball or wheel.

13. Is your insurance up to date?

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