• Jennifer Antoun

Insurance for Self Storage

If you are storing your precious items in a self storage facility it is a wise idea to take out insurance. This insurance covers you for any events that out of the control of Westside Self Storage; including fire, storms and malicious damage.

Before taking out a new insurance policy, check to see that your current home content policy will cover your items in storage.

Who do we use for our Insurance?

We have chosen AON Insurance for our self-storage patrons, should they wish to take it up. Upon sign-up you will be given the choice of insuring your goods.

What the AON Self Storage Insurance Covers

This policy will cover you for good you own and/or goods which you are responsible for located at your storage unit. It will not cover you for goods at any other location.

The policy covers you for Fire, lightening, Impact, Explosion, Earthquake, Aircraft, Riots and strikes, Malicious damage, Storm and Tempest and/r Water, and Burglary which results in theft from forcible entry.

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